How to travel safely and in style in time of Covid19

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Hop-on a private jet and spend a luxury vacation at a villa on Lake Como

The Covid-19 pandemic has practically halted travelling on a global scale. But is there a way to travel safely in the time of coronavirus? Probably it is too soon to answer that question with certainty, especially if you are a "normal" traveller. But if money is not an issue, we can suggest ways to travel to your favorite destination away from the crowds and adopting all preventive measures that will make your vacations as safe as possible.
Say that you live in New York, London or some other city around the world and that you want to spend a vacation on Lake Como. Obviously the main concern is how you can do that while avoiding as much as possible contact with people who can potentially carry the Covid-19 virus. Here is how you can make it happen.

Private airport transfer 

The transfer to the airport will be obviously done with a private limo or minivan starting at your doorstep. The important thing is that the passengers’ space is sealed from the driver’s compartment so that there is no air exchange between the two. The car ventilation system needs to ensure that the air flows are filtered. Finally the interior of the vehicle must be thoroughly sanitized after each trip.
Cost: Complimentary

Private check-in and boarding

When arriving at the airport we will use the privileged section dedicated to private flights. There will be no crowds whatsoever and no waiting time. Security controls, check-in will be done quickly and privately. You can expect to be onboard your private jet in about 15 minutes.
Cost: Included

Private Jet

The benefit of travelling on a private jet is of course that you do not have to share the space with anyone else. If you are planning an intercontinental flight you may want to have a private flight attendant taking care of you. But if you prefer avoiding also this contact, we can skip it so you will have the air of the entire cabin just for you. Needless to say, the pilots will be in the cockpit and there will be no contact with them (but you may communicate with them at any time with the private courtesy phone). The cabin is sterilized after each trip. 
Cost: €75,000 (New York JFK to Milan LIN, one way, two people, midsize jet Gulfstream 150) 

Private helicopter transfer

At the arrival in Milan you will disembark and get on a helicopter to reach your final destination. The helicopter is the quickest and most private way to get to your private villa. Whenever possible we will land directly at the villa where your favorite drink will be waiting for you.
Cost: €6,000 (Milan LIN to Lake Como, one way, two people, single engine EC350 helicopter)

Private villa

A private villa is another excellent way to have a great time while staying away from the crowds. You can have lots of space, both indoor and outdoor and no need to share common spaces like elevators, halls and dining rooms with other people. If Lake Como is your destination here is our favorite villa on the East branch (it also has its own helipad) and this is another luxury villa on the West branch
Cost: €45,000-180,000 (for one week, variable depending on villa, dates, number of people)

Private dining

A private chef can take care of preparing your meals directly at your villa. But there are some nice options to indulge in the great foods of the region at restaurants that offer plenty of outdoors tables. You may have a chance to socialize while keeping safe distances from other people. Our favorite option in the area would be Crotto dei Platani, excellent food, great views and it can be accessed directly from the water.
Cost: €400-800 (dinner, for two people, not including wine)

Private boat

A private boat is the best way to do some sightseeing in the Lake Como area. It keeps you away from the crowds, it offers the unique perspective of seeing places from the water, it’s fun and relaxing. And of course you can stop for swimming and sunbathing at anytime. If your villa has a private dock, your skipper may pick you up and return you there at the end of your excursions.
Cost: €1,000-5,000 (per day, depending on boat model)

Private visits

The Lake Como area is particularly famous for its villas. Some are privately owned, like Villa Oleandra, George Clooney’s private escape. Others, like Villa Carlotta or Villa Monastero, have been turned into museums and botanical gardens. Or have been used as a set for popular movies, like Villa Balbianello where a Star Wars episode was shot, or Villa La Gaeta where they realized Casino Royale, a 007 installment. Most of these beautiful locations can be rented for an exclusively private visit or event.
Cost: €3,000-25,000 (per visit, depending on villa)
The itinerary described can be customized in infinite ways, starting from your point of departure (it can be anywhere in the world) to your preferred destination (anywhere in Italy). And it can be longer or shorter, more luxurious or minimalist, for a group of friends or just a couple … it’s totally flexible.
So as you can see there are nice ways to travel also in the times of covid-19, where you can combine luxury with safety. But if you don’t have the €300,000 that a one week vacation like this would cost, no worries: it is possible to arrange the (almost) same kind of experience at a price that is just a fraction of that. Contact Kissfromitaly to know more, they will be happy to help. 
Important note: Check relevant sources of information before making any decision about your trip: WHO, CDC, local authorities in your country of origin. The prices shown above are for illustrative purpose only, please contact Kissfromitaly for an actual quote