About Us

Here is our story, who we are, what we believe in

An actual postcard of the VulcaniaThe sky was grey on a cold day of April 1958. The ship looked gigantic to the young girl coming from Lawrence, a small town in Massachusetts. Just few moments and she would sail on the Vulcania from the port of New York to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

It was a lovely sunny day when she arrived to the port of Naples, Italy, after 20 days of navigation. At that time she did not realize she embarked for a journey that is still continuing today. That young girl, Joan, was my mother. She fell in love with Italy and soon after with the man who was going to be my father. They got married and few years later I was born in Firenze.

I spent my childhood in the late 60’s - early 70’s going back and forth between Italy and the US and both countries are home for me. Many times friends of my family were coming from the United States to visit us. We used to take them around Italy to show them the beauty of the country and to share with them the richness of our culture. At that time I didn’t know that this would have inspired my future career.

One of the postcards I found at my parents' home

Years ago I found at my parents' home some old postcards from Italy that mom was sending back to her family. From these very postcards came the name and image of KissFromItaly.  Although now all is digital and the paper postcards belong to the past, the love for travelling and the desire to preserve and share memories of wonderful trips is still there. Now I can continue what I started as a kid, share the beauty of Italy with friends coming from far away.



P.S. Please note we are still working on this website and continuing to add new content and services.


Our values


Proposing what we love

We are a small company so we can treat each client as truly unique. You can read our story and see our faces, we are not an anonymous marketplace or reseller. We design ourselves the experiences that we offer and we offer only experiences that we personally love doing.


Local knowledge - local flavors

Our enthusiastic team is on the ground in Italy and dedicated to finding the most authentic experiences. We have the expertise to suggest the best locations, local suppliers and local guides. We practice responsible tourism that sustains the local community. Our headquarters are in the US and we have an office in Florence, Italy, so we can be close to our agents and near our clients during their trip.


20 years in travel

With many years in the travel business our strong and diverse team developed a deep knowledge and an extensive network. We are specialists in art and archaeology, food and wine, yachts and supercars, transfers and accomodation. We have all the skills to craft professional, reliable and enjoyable travel solutions for all our clients.


5-star luxury service

We guarantee a one of a kind, 5-star experience to ensure the highest level of satisfaction for our clients and partners. Luxury, customized, high-end solutions constitute the heart of our business and stand as our main focus.


Quick and easy online booking

Our hassle-free online platform makes booking and payment super-simple. Clients and agents can book directly on our website with instant confirmation. We’re easy to reach and quick to respond. You can contact us by phone, online chat, email or through social channels. We value simplicity and efficiency.


You want it? We'll do it!

Our team is dedicated to meeting any client needs or requests - no demand is too extravagant. Being flexible and creative allow us to propose multiple options to finally reach the perfect result for the client.

Our team



Our guides

Our team of guides is the true soul of KissFromItaly. At the end of the day the guide is the person with whom you will be spending your time in Italy and is the one who will really make the difference. This is why we are very proud of the team that we put together during many years of hard work.




- Our guides have an academic degree in art history, architecture or archaeology. Many of them have also a postgraduate specialization in a related field. They are enthusiastic persons who will share with you the passion for the subject of their studies and the love for their cities.



- All of our guides are also officially licensed by an official authority (Government or Province). This means they have passed a rigorous examination that tested their knowledge and skills. It is important to note that while this may not always be enough to be a good guide, it is mandatory by law. Using guides that are not officially licensed (like some other companies unfortunately are doing) would expose to the risk of paying expensive fines.


- Our guides are not the types that look their watch and count the minutes. They will do their best to accommodate the needs of you and your family because we know how much this is important, especially when you travel with small children or elderlies. If there is one thing you will remember about them when you go back home is how friendly they are.