Boat Tour in Portofino Travel Guide: How much does a private boat tour cost, what do you see and all your questions answered!

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In this guide, we cover everything you need to know on how to take your Italian adventure to the next level with a boat tour in Portofino!

 A scenic, panoramic town nestled in the coastline of the Italian Riviera lies Portofino. Widely known for its beauty and glamor, this destination is the perfect setting for visitors around the globe! Colorful villas scatter the tops of the lush cliff sides and a bustling marina filled with boats create an atmosphere of awe and wonder. But how does one experience Portofino to the fullest? Two words: Boat. Tour.
Visiting this stunning town and checking out its hidden gems by way of the sea is the best option to take your travels to a whole new level of glamor, luxury and adventure! We have you covered with this Boat Tour in Portofino Travel Guide to answer your questions on private yacht rentals, what you will experience on a tour, and other tips to make your trip to Portofino an unforgettable one!

What do you see on a boat tour in Portofino?
What you will see on a boat tour in Portofino depends on the duration of the tour and which direction you plan to go. If you head west of Portofino, some of the sites you will see on the tour are the Abbey of San Fruttuoso, the town of Camogli and the hidden gem of Christ of the Abyss (a statue of Christ at the bottom of the Ligurian Sea - incredible!). All while sailing along the coastline in the warm sun with the view of stunning villas situated at the top of the cliff sides. If you head East, you can voyage to Cinque Terre! A boat tour will give a wonderful view of the towns from the sea and it is possible to disembark for exploration, enjoy a peaceful lunch, and also spend time swimming in the refreshing water before heading back to Portofino.

How much does it cost to rent a yacht in Portofino?
The cost to rent a yacht in Portofino depends on a number of factors such as; which type of yacht you’d like to rent (from the Modern Line or Luxury Line), how long you’d like to rent the yacht for (4 hours, half day, full day or a multi day rental), how many people are attending, and what is included in the package also affects the cost. 

Is Portofino worth visiting?
Portofino is definitely worth visiting! Its picturesque landscape of the marina, the view of the fabulous villas situated on the tops of the cliffside, the refreshing sea air and lovely, friendly locals are some things to expect when visiting this beautiful coastal town. A day in Portofino can start with an amazing boat tour along the coast, taking a dip in the Ligurian sea, strolling through the charming town and experiencing the freshest seafood in one of the many wonderful restaurants in the marina. Portofino has a lot to offer and is definitely worth a visit!

What kind of boats are available for private boat tour rentals?

Depending where you are going, there is a wide range of boats you can choose from with lots of different styles and types. If you are looking to stay in the Portofino area, there is more availability because it won’t require going long distances and will give you more options to explore and experience the surrounding area. If you plan to visit Cinque terre it’s important to remember that it is farther away, so it requires a faster boat. You will have options to choose from but not as many compared to the other ones if you stay in Portofino. Having said that, you can go from a vintage style Gozzo Ligure for a more tranquil experience to a more modern, adventurous type of motorboats that range from a 24ft to 38ft model. Then you have boats from the Luxury Line that are a nicer, sleeker style and other types such as the exclusive Riva models (for that vintage and elegant look). To accommodate larger parties, 
60ft+ yachts are available as well which allows extra space, more comfort and luxury.

Where does the boat tour start?
A private boat tour will generally start in the marina right in the center of Portofino. The town is built surrounding the bay, so whenever you’re in the center area, the marina will be part of your view and the skipper will be ready and waiting to board you for your Portofino excursion!
But it’s also possible to start from Santa Margherita Ligure, another lovely town not far from Portofino. If you are booking a private boat experience, the skipper will pick you up at the port of Santa Margherita and you can start from there to the Portofino area or to Cinque Terre.

How long does a boat tour in Portofino last?
A private yacht tour in Portofino can last from 3 hours up to a full day boat rental. It also depends on where you want to go. If you’d like to go west in the direction of Camogli, you will have more options for activities like exploration and swimming because the distance from Portofino to Camogli is very close. If you plan to go East to Cinque Terre, it is required to rent it for a full day because it takes roughly an hour and half to get there, plus the time to enjoy a lunch, swimming, exploring and coming back to the starting point.

Can you visit Cinque Terre with a boat tour from Portofino?
Of course! A private boat ride from Cinque Terre to Portofino is a beautiful and scenic ride along the Ligurian Sea. The secluded voyage only with your friends/family and the views of the stunning coastline is a wonderful way to experience going from one town to the other! Keep in mind that the boat ride from Portofino to Cinque Terre is roughly an hour and a half, so renting the boat for the full day is required. 

Can you swim in the ocean in Portofino?
Of course! During the private tour, the skipper may park the boat for swimming, leaving you and your friends/family to enjoy the refreshing mediterranean water.

Can you wear shoes on a boat?

Most boats indicate a "shoes-free" policy to maintain the surface quality of the floors and keep it damage free. Sandals should be okay to wear but it’s best to check with the skipper beforehand.

Are there dolphins in Portofino?
Yes there are dolphins in Portofino! The name Portofino comes from the Roman Imperial name - Portus Delphini. Meaning "the Dolphins Home" because of its numerous dolphins in the Ligurian Sea