James Bond: Filming in the Streets of Rome


Bond is back in the Eternal City

Our favorite spy is back with a bang and has been spotted in the Eternal City for the 24th film in the popular James Bond series called Spectre. Lucky locals and tourists have spotted outrageous stunts and racing cars during filming of the next 007 thriller which features Daniel Craig.  

This will mark the fourth appearance of Craig as James Bond after Skyfall (2012), Quantum of Solace (2008) and Casino Royale (2006). Per usual, a Bond film would not be complete without a love interest. The script calls for an Italian beauty, which is played by the famed Italian actress Monica Bellucci.


 The production company has paid over 600,000 euros in permits, traffic cops and garbage services. Security measures are tight, as guards try to block off filming areas.

Despite efforts to keep the locations a secret, fans have been able to spot Craig and Bellucci about town. Recent reports claim Bond’s Aston Martin has been speeding near the Coliseum and the Baths of Caracalla. Unfortunately, Rome’s cobblestone streets are quite noisy. The post-production crew will have to eliminate the sound of the car and in some scenes, Bond’s ride is restricted to 45 mph. Several sources states that Craig’s Aston Martin slipped while heading down Corso Vittorio Emanuelle II, and the actor suffered minor head injury. However, this has not stopped the actor.

In fact, the Aston Martin and an orange Jaguar have continued zooming along the banks of the Tiber River.

Keep your eyes peeled for more filming in the areas of Nomentana, Corso Vittorio, Via della Conciliazione, Borgo Pio, Ponte Milvio and around the streets of Piazza Navona.