Where to stay in Rome: the coolest neighborhoods

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The Guide to the Roman Districts

Rome is a big city and has many different districts or neighborhoods, but few display its diversity of character. This is why we put together a complete list of all the best areas, or quartieri, to stay in Rome. These listed below are the ultimate cool areas, lived and inhabitated by locals.  


Wedged between the ruins of the Imperial Fora and the government palaces of Quirinal Hill, Monti is the freshest area of the city. Its lovely, eighteenth-century streets over the last several years have been welcoming a new generation of locals, who have given it an indie vibrancy that’s made it a destination in its own right. There’s always another hip cafe or boutique opening. Within walking distance of all the best things to see in Rome, Monti manages to maintain a distinctly young Roman feel. This lively neighborhood has some great restaurants that range from down-home Roman to fine-dining trendy. Don't miss this quartiere at night when the Piazza della Madonna dei Monti fills with friends who gather around the central fountain, chatting and sharing wine in both summer and winter. If you’re looking for a fun and pure Roman place to stay, Monti is the area for you. 

Testaccio and Ostiense 

Once home to slaughterhouses and Rome’s former port on the Tiber, Testaccio is now known for its authentic Roman spirit. Located to the south of the city’s center, Testaccio is where Rome’s working class once lived. Though some changes are evident - the slaughterhouses that once employed many has been converted into the MACRO Museum and its old market has moved to a new location - the neighborhood’s landmarks hasn't changed. Testaccio is also one of Rome’s liveliest areas after dark. Ostiense’s skyline is characterized as much by steel bridges and graffitied warehouses as by the famous Pyramid of Cestius; its premier museum, the Centrale Montemartini, is housed in a decommissioned power station.



Spend one night in Trastevere, from Latin "Trans Tiber" - "across the Tiber", and you’ll want to spend every night here. What keeps this neighborhood so lively is its mix of locals and students who populate the bars and restaurants both day and night. It’s difficult to imagine a better place to eat dinner or lunch than on one of Trastevere’s busy streets, enjoying the delicious food while watching the never-ending stream of traffic. Trastevere is best enjoyed in the main piazza, Santa Maria in Trastevere, in the after hours when the voices buzz and wine seems ever flowing. This once medieval working-class district started to transform in the 1970s when expats and other bohemians discovered its rough charm. It remains one of Rome’s most colorful quarters.

Wherever you decide stay in Rome, enjoy Roma!