Where is the Ferrari factory?

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Can I visit the Ferrari factory, is it worth it, where is it and all your other questions answered

Where is the Ferrari factory? 

The Ferrari factory is in the town of Maranello (province of Modena), Italy. The area is known as the Italian Motor Valley since some of the most important sport car producers in the world are located here: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Pagani plus the sportbikes producer Ducati.

Can I visit the Ferrari factory? 

Yes: if you own a Ferrari, you can have a private visit inside the Ferrari factory. In this case you can tour the shop-floor and see first-hand how these amazing cars are made. 
If, like the vast majority of people, you do not own a Ferrari, you are not allowed to go inside the production buildings, but the company offers a tour inside the perimeter of the factory complex. With this experience you will see the factory buildings from the outside while riding on a shuttle bus. You will also see the Fiorano race track that is used by Ferrari to test the new models.
It is important to note that you are not allowed to make photos or videos and that you will remain on the bus during the entire duration of the tour (about 30 minutes).

Is the Ferrari factory tour worth it?

Honestly no, I would not recommend it, unless you are a real Ferrari fanatic (or if you can do the real factory tour reserved for Ferrari owners). 


Ferrary Factory tour for the general public: Price and Time

The tickets for the panoramic tour of the facilities and Fiorano track cost 15 Euro pp (adults) or 5 Euro pp (under 19 yo with a family member) and the shuttle bus departs at 12.30 and 13.30 every day. Please note that you need to book your spot in advance. Info and booking here

Other things to do in the Italian Motor Valley

In the Italian Motor Valley you can do many things that are great fun (without mentioning the amazing local food!): 
Visit the Ferrari museum in Maranello or the casa Enzo Ferrari in Modena
Do the Lamborghini factory tour (this one you can visit inside and see the production!)
Do the Maserati factory tour (same for this one, you can visit inside)
Test drive a Ferrari racecar or Lamborghini racecar on a racetrack
See the Pagani factory and museum