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How to rent a private boat tour, where to do it and everything you need to know!

A hilltop town in Sicily, Taormina offers breathtaking panoramas and plenty of medieval charm. From natural beauty to a rich blend of history and culture, everyone needs to visit. A stroll down its streets is the embodiment of la dolce vita. From elegant shops to charming cafes and restaurants, it’s easy to see why the rich and famous have been visiting it for so long. Often called the Pearl of the Ionian Sea, the best way to appreciate the beauty of Taormina is by boat. That is why we've created a guide to answer all your most frequently asked questions about boat tours in Taormina. If you want to experience this town in the most sophisticated and luxurious way, then be sure to read!

How much does a Taormina boat tour cost?
The cost of a Taormina boat tour depends on a variety of factors, including the boat model, itinerary and duration. A half-day tour on a small 20 ft. boat cost between 1000 to 1200 euros (or 1100-1300 USD). If you want to go on a full-day tour on a medium size boat (34-38 ft), it can cost between 3000 to 3500 euros (3200-3800 USD). Meanwhile, bigger yachts over 45 ft can cost you 5000 euros or more. All prices are based upon departure from the Giardini Naxos, the nearest port for Taormina. 

What do you see on a boat tour in Taormina?
On a boat tour of Taormina, you will see and explore the best of the eastern coast of Sicily. The first stop on most itineraries is Isola Bella, a nature reserve that means "beautiful island" in Italian. Next is Mazzarò Bay, reputed for its pebbled beach and crystal clear water. Finally, a stop at the secluded Bay of Mermaids is a popular choice for swimming. These waters also offer optimal conditions for snorkeling. Once you've had your fill of aquatic fun, your skipper will take you back to Taormina, allowing you to take in breathtaking views of Mount Etna! 

What kind of boats are used for boat tours?
The kind of boat used for boat tours in Taormina depends on a variety of factors. A 20 ft boat is typical for smaller groups and shorter, half-day tours. Meanwhile, to accommodate larger crowds or longer tours, a medium (34-38 ft) or a large yacht (over 45 ft) will be selected. 

How long does a boat tour in Taormina last?
This really depends on the type of tour you select. In general, the duration of a half-day tour is approximately 3.5 hours. However, if you prefer to spend more time on the water, full-day options are also available. 

Where do boat tours start and end?
A boat tour in Taormina will generally start and end in the nearby port of Giardini Naxos. Getting to the port is simple and most tour companies can provide a private car transfer to and from the port. But if your hotel is beachfront, it is possible to arrange for a direct pickup by boat at your hotel. There is also the option to start and end a boat tour of Taormina from the ports of Catania and Messina. Feel free to contact us for more information. 

Why should I do a private boat tour in Taormina?
This will give you a more personalized and memorable experience so, we recommend skipping a group tour and opting for a private tour instead. A private skipper can better tailor a tour to your interests and needs than a group tour can. 

What is the most beautiful beach in Taormina?
If you ask anyone where the most beautiful beach is in Taormina, they will tell you Isola Bella. Though accessible by a narrow footpath, the most convenient way to access this pebbled beach is with a boat tour. Declared a nature reserve in 1998, this island features lush vegetation and is the most photographed beach in Taormina. It's a great spot for those looking for a peaceful spot to lounge on the beach. But it also has plenty to offer those adventure seekers, with crystal-clear waters for snorkeling. Regardless of your interests, you will definitely want to make a stop here when in Taormina!

Is there sand on the beaches in Taormina?
Most of the beaches around Taormina feature pebbles instead of sand, however many of them feature small sandy patches. But despite their pebbled predominance, the beaches of Taormina remain popular. Aside from wearing appropriate footwear while walking on the beach, you can still enjoy a visit as you would on any other beach. From turquoise waters and breathtaking scenery, it's easy to see why these beaches draw in large crowds.

Can you swim in the sea in Taormina?
Yes, you can most definitely swim in the sea in Taormina! Featuring beautiful beaches and crystal-clear water, the coastline is best discovered on a boat tour. If you want to swim, sunbathe or snorkel, then a visit to Isola Bella and Mazzarò Beach are an absolute must. While the waters around Taormina are generally safe to swim in, it's always recommended that you review local conditions and warnings before entering the water. 

Can you see dolphins in Taormina?
Yes! Dolphin lovers will be delighted to know that you can see dolphins in the waters around Taormina. The Ionian Sea is a natural habitat for many marine wildlife species, including dolphins. And while there's no way to predict a sighting of them, a boat tour of the area offers you an increased chance of spotting these beloved mammals. 

When is the best time to visit Taormina?
The best time to visit Taormina really depends on the experience you want. If you want to sightsee and take in the local culture, consider a visit during the spring (April to June) and the autumn (September to October). These months offer sunshine and mild temperatures, in addition to fewer crowds, which is perfect for exploring the town. But if you don't mind hot weather and larger crowds, don't rule out a visit during the summer months of July and August. These are also great months to enjoy the beach and head out on a private boat tour to take in the beauty of the breathtaking Sicilian coast. 

What Netflix series was filmed in Taormina?
Though many series have been filmed in Taormina, the most notable is White Lotus. Fans of the show will recall that Season 2 was set across various towns in Sicily. This hit series gave viewers a glimpse of Taormina's gems, like Piazza IX Aprile and the Teatro Antico. When visiting this splendid town, consider stopping by San Domenico Palace (a Four Seasons hotel), where many scenes of the show took place. Read our blog post about White Lotus to learn more about the locations featured in Season 2. 

Can you see Mount Etna from a boat tour in Taormina?
Absolutely! A boat tour of Taormina will offer you incredible views of the famous Mount Etna.