Best things to do in Tuscany for S. Valentine's Day

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Top Places to visit for S. Valentine's Day in Tuscany

Tuscany is the right place for anunforgetable getaway. It’s really one of the most romantic regions of Italy, with plenty of emotional places. Its wonders are many: the magnificent architecture of its cities, the endless collection of medieval and Renaissance art, the timeless beauty of the countryside, and, of course, there is the food and wine. It’s easy to fall in love here! Discover the most romantic places to visit, the ones that inspire love!


Visit Siena and Pienza


Of medieval origins, both Siena and Pienza take some beating. In Siena, the Piazza del Campo, its central piazza, is considered Europe’s finest medieval square, scene of the Palio horse race, Italy’s most dramatic historical spectacle. Its cathedral is central Italy’s most beautiful. The city is an intimate and civilised place, never as overrun as Florence. The perfect love nest for S. Valentine's Day.


Pienza, small hill town of the Renaissance lying in the fabulous Val d’Orcia area, south of Siena, is so charming and suggestive to make it the perfect destination for lovers. Its lovely piazza, palaces and characteristic alleys gives it an irresistible atmosphere. The same narrow streets of the village have names referring to love, as Via del Bacio (street of the kiss), and Via dell’Amore (the street of love). It’s not a case that the great Italian director Franco Zeffirelli, chose Pienza as the setting of the greatest love history ever known, Romeo and Juliet!



Spend the day in Florence 


Few cities in the world boast such an inspiring rooftop panorama, Renaissance architectural splendor, clock towers and spires against a background of rolling verdant hills. All the city is romantic, disclosing unexpected surprises at every corner: the romantic walk along the Lungarni, the Ponte Vecchio offering lovely views of the lights of Florence reflecting in the Arno river, Piazzale Michelangelo and one of the most beautiful and vast views over Florence and its stunning monuments, the enchanting mazes at the Boboli Gardens.


Wait for the sunset along the beach in Pisa


There are tons of amazing beaches in Tuscany. A few miles from Florence, and close to Pisa, there’s a beach where you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the beneath harbour: you can invite your soul mate for a walk and enjoy the panorama, surrounded by nature and the sea!


Wonder throughout the countryside of Chianti  


Chianti area in Tuscany is one of the most beautiful in the whole region, as well as the most well-known and appreciated by visitors from across the world. The Chianti landscapes are so beautiful and particular that they are visited by many troughout the year. Visit a wineyard and enjoy some Chianti wine with your other half! What's better than this?


The old charm of San Gimignano 


Forget for one moment the beauties of the crowded Florence and try to imagine you and the person you love embraced, discovering the narrow streets, the scenic overviews, the small churches, the hidden restaurant of a "borgo". San Gimignano is a pretty medieval walled city famous for its beautiful towers and great art. It is small enough to be effectively visited as a day trip from nearby cities like Siena and Florence, but it has a different atmosphere at night that many travelers, and lovers find it worthwhile to experience. 


Do you thing Tuscany is romantic enough?